13 OCTOBER 2022

Hello Strikers, I wanted to give you a recap of our fall event held at King Valley GC which was organized by Mark Russell. The weather outlook for this day was not particularly optimal but we decided to proceed with a small but classy field. The course conditions were a bit difficult with all the rain that the area endured over night. There was a lot of fairways with standing water and we were restricted to cart paths only with power carts, needless to say the course played long. The competition was very tight as you will see from the results below:

First Place with 42 points…John MacLeod & Colin Fraser

Second Place with 41 points…Philip Rostron & Hartley Zwingerman

Third Place with 39 points…Mark Russell & Chris Gadula

It looked like John and I were in for a long day as we scored zilch on the first hole but we hammed and egged the rest of the way and were fortunate that the 2nd place team had a bogey on the last hole, mind you John and I were pelted with rain on our approach shot into the 18th green, it felt like hail. Our group met in the clubhouse for drinks and prize giving and for the best surprise of the day our President, Ted Clarke, was there to greet us. Ted announced that Richard Halinda has been named an Overseas Lucifer and also that our Quebec neighbours were in the process of organizing their own golfing society and we envision future friendly competitions plus our B.C. friends may join the Strikers and cross country events may be forth coming.

This was my last event as the Striker Captain and I will be handing the reins over to the very capable Paul Borg who will be supported by Malcom More and John MacLeod. I want to thank everyone for the support and assistance I have received over the last seven years, it has been a real pleasure serving you. I wish everyone a safe, healthy Christmas and a wonderful 2023 !

Cheers, Colin Fraser