Note from the events courtesy of Colin Fraser

At the New Zealand Golf Club on July 2nd we took on the Aussies and wupped them pretty good so they bought the drinks. They did note that we had added some younger blood to our team. We have already booked a day for the rematch in 2024.

At West Hill in the first day of the Commonwealth Tournament we had 2 Ontarians (rookies) first and second with 41 and 39 points. In the Senior division the leader was Rodney Higgins from Bermuda with 43 pts. Our second day was at Coombe-Hill, very aptly named as there were really no flat holes and all the long par 4s were uphill into the wind plus the greens were running close to 12 and the late starters had to endure rain. Our 2 Ontarians tied for the lead after 2 rounds with 75 points and the Lucifers decided the winner by retrogression which was who had the highest points on the back 9 so Steve Vandeerkooy from London won with Steve Fischer from St Catherines second. An Aussie defended his title in the Seniors with 78 points. The awards dinner at the Savoy was splendid as usual and more enjoyable than last year as the speeches were much shorter and informative. Steve Vanderkooy was very complimentary of the Lucifers in his victory speech and Malcolm Moore presented an effective and brief oratory at the podium as well.

At Woking in beautiful weather we had the usual tie with the Lucifers and their usual excellent repast. Ted Clark decided to give the Choking Dog award to the Bermudian who only garnered 19 points on the 2nd day. All in all it was an excellent tour and most participants are already planning to attend next year`s event.

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All details about the annual tournament can be found here :

The Commonwealth Tournament – Lucifer Golfing Society