The Bylaws of the Maple Leafs Strikers Golfing Society

1. The name of the Society shall be the “Maple Leaf Strikers Golfing Society”.
2. Membership of the Society shall be restricted to persons whose usual place of residence is Ontario, Canada and who have played in at least one Commonwealth Meeting of the Lucifer Golfing Society.
3. The business of the Society shall be conducted by a Committee consisting of the President, Captain, Secretary and Treasurer, all of whom shall be elected by the members in General Meeting.
4. The General Meeting of the Society shall be held annually at such time and place as the Committee shall determine.
5. At a General Meeting of the Society, seven members shall form a quorum.
6. The members of the Committee shall retire after two years’ service and shall be eligible for re-election.
7. At a meeting of the Committee, two shall be a quorum.
8. The Committee, in addition to any powers hereby specially conferred shall have powers to make regulations, authorize expenditure, receive all moneys and subscriptions and do all things necessary to conduct the business of the Society.
9. Members of the Society will have an initiation fee of $150.00 which will cover the first year’s dues payable to the Society upon joining the Society.  The subscription payable to the Society shall, until otherwise decided at a General or Special Meeting, be $150.00 per annum. If any member be in arrears for more than six months, he shall have deemed to have resigned from the Society.
10. The Committee may at any time call a Special General Meeting of  members and shall do so on receipt of a request signed by not less than seven members.
11. The Committee, at a Special General Meeting called for the purpose shall have the power to expel any member whose conduct has been prejudicial to the interests of the Society and a member so expelled shall have no claim on the funds of the Society. In this case at least seven members must vote in favour of such expulsion.
12. These rules may be amended at a General Meeting of members by a two-thirds majority of those present in person and voting provided that at least fourteen days’ notice of the proposed amendment be given in the notice convening the meeting.
13. The Committee, at the direction of the President, shall arrange a number of matches each year, followed by either lunch or dinner, and to maintain the good fellowship which golf engenders.  Two such events commencing in 2015, one in the Spring and another in the Fall, will take place until otherwise decided at a General Meeting.