For anyone wondering who we are – we’re a group of Canadian golfers who participate in the LUCIFER Commonwealth Golf Tournament that is held annually in London, England each July.

Our goal is to enjoy the same level of camaraderie that the Lucifer Golfing Society enjoys within our membership and to extend a similar level of hospitality to our golfing friends in England and to other golfers that have participated with us in the Commonwealth tournament.

To become a Maple Leaf Striker, one must have competed in the Commonwealth tournament. This allows you to fully comprehend the exceptional effort made by the members of the Lucifer Society to make all competitors feel welcome.  Whether they are arranging a tournament that is a good test on world class venues or organizing a black tie dinner at the Savoy which climaxes days of incomparable goodwill, the commitment of the Lucifers to friendship and good spirit is ever present.

Our History

After many years of discussing the concept of a Canadian golfing society that mirrors the Lucifer Society, the Maple Leaf Striker Golfing Society was founded in 2015. Our name was based on that of our sister societies in England (the Lucifers) and Australia (the Swan Vestas ). When the Lucifers were founded in 1921, they originally proposed calling themselves the Match Club. However that name was already taken and the title ” Lucifer ” was adopted- lucifer being the slang for a striking match used in the trenches in World War 1. In fact, “Lucifer” is referenced in the song from this period (“Pack Up Your Troubles in Your Old Kit Bag“).

” Pack up your troubles in your old kit bag

And Smile Smile Smile

When you have a Lucifer to light your fag

Smile Boys, That’s the style “

Consistent with this theme, the Australian “Swan Vestas” are named after a brand of matches in Australia during the same period.

When naming our new Canadian golfing society, we wanted to retain the history of our sister societies as well as having a distinctive Canadian flavour that is recognizable worldwide. Maple Leaf was the obvious choice and Striker had the dual connotation of “matches” as well as a dynamic golf action. More important than the name, is what it stands for. We want to have a level of camaraderie, fun golf and hospitality that makes all other golf societies wish they were Strikers!   To ensure that the Strikers remain a social club first and foremost, it was expected that each member of the Strikers make best efforts to attend one of three events per year – and preferably  all, these being a Spring tournament, the Commonwealth tournament and a Fall tournament.

After many late evening meetings in various pubs in Great Britain and Canada – four “volunteers” humbly accepted their initial roles as Founding Officers and began to enlist other participants from Ontario who had played in the Commonwealth tournament. Our Founding officers were:  Colin Fraser (Captain), Ted Clarke (President), Ori Rotstein (Secretary) and Bob Bass (Treasurer).


2022 was a watershed year.   With the COVID-19 pandemic waning, the festivities of the Lucifer Golfing Society were revitalized with the Lucifer Commonwealth Golf Tournament taking place again after a two year hiatus.  The number of Canadians at the event swelled to more than 50, with golfers from Ontario, Quebec, BC and the USA in attendance.  After the Tournament, there was a shift in the Executive Committee as Colin Fraser stepped down from his Captaincy after years of stellar leadership, where he demonstrated exceptional organizational and communication skills.  Ted Clarke will move to Past President and Colin Fraser will become the new President. Paul Borg was a unanimous choice to take on the role of Captain, with Bob Bass and Ori Rotstein retaining their roles as Treasurer and Secretary, respectively.  We have also appointed a Captain’s Committee to assist Paul in his duties.  The inaugural members are John McLeod and Malcolm Moore.   Finally, there is a concerted effort to expand of mandate to a Pan-Canadian one with the creation of chapters in Quebec and BC.  Stay tuned!


The Coronavirus pandemic has hit a giant pause button on fans being able to watch golf on TV, and in some cases, even kept people off courses. But while we hunker down and hope for a speedy return to normalcy, we can also  use this time as an opportunity to learn more about the game we love. Here’s our latest installment of “Did you know?” Read More

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