2022 News

2022 was a watershed year.   With the COVID-19 pandemic waning, the festivities of the Lucifer Golfing Society were revitalized with the Lucifer Commonwealth Golf Tournament taking place again after a two year hiatus.  The number of Canadians at the event swelled to more than 50, with golfers from Ontario, Quebec, BC and the USA in attendance.  After the Tournament, there was a shift in the Executive Committee as Colin Fraser stepped down from his Captaincy after years of stellar leadership, where he demonstrated exceptional organizational and communication skills.  Ted Clarke will move to Past President and Colin Fraser will become the new President. Paul Borg was a unanimous choice to take on the role of Captain, with Bob Bass and Ori Rotstein retaining their roles as Treasurer and Secretary, respectively.  We have also appointed a Captain’s Committee to assist Paul in his duties.  The inaugural members are John McLeod and Malcolm Moore.   Finally, there is a concerted effort to expand of mandate to a Pan-Canadian one with the creation of chapters in Quebec and BC.  Stay tuned!